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One of our strongest divisions here at Productions Plus-The Talent Shop is our Trade Show Division. We understand the time and financial commitment that our clients put towards exhibiting at Trade Shows. The whole reason for trade shows is to generate business for the exhibiting companies and sponsoring organizations.Having articulate, educated, attractive talent working within your booth aids in welcoming prospective customers into your space.

We provide trade show talent on a nationwide basis from Booth Hostesses and Brand Ambassadors to Lead Generation, Concierge level services and samplers.

Productions Plus-The Talent Shop also represents the top trade show presenters and narrators in the industry. Our presenters are ear-prompter and teleprompter proficient and are trained to give an improve style of presentation that is customized specifically to the audience they have in front of them.

Based on the needs you have for your event, our Agents will present you with multiple talent to choose from. Our presenters can audition for you in person or by submitting their demo reels. We have bi-lingual talent who speak fluently in many languages.

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